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Link Shield in Steel

“This Zelda pendant turned out awesome. I wasn’t sure at first if it was worth the price or not but after seeing it I definitely think its worth it.  I ordered it for my girlfriend as our anniversary is coming up. She is going to absolutely love it. But no one reads reviews to hear my story, so here’s the story of the pendant!

It came in the mail about 25  days after I ordered it. The cuts that make the piece of metal what it is are sharp, exact, and are symmetrical. All the cuts are precise too, with no weird shaped parts. Its pretty cool actually, the top part of the pendant protrudes from the surface, and the bottom half is like a valley in the surface. Overall the front is EXACTLY how its supposed to be, and looks fantastic. I emailed Dave about an inscription for the back half of it and he made sure it got taken care of. Its some lyric or saying or something that my girl loves. It turned out to be even cooler than I thought it would be because its not like a carving in the metal but the metal was carved around the words…? im not sure how to explain it so I have pictures! Over all this is the best piece of custom work I’ve ever purchased and i really couldn’t have asked for a cooler or better gift to give for my anniversary!”

-Conner Smith


Heart Still Beating - Canvas

“Such an awesome picture, I've been bugging Dave for months about printing this and it came out beautifully. The detail and the dreamy nature of the pic is well captured on the canvas. Looks great in my living room.”

- Kathy Baker 


Partners In Crime - Paper Print

“I've followed Soup for about a year on Instagram and probably bugged him about doing prints twice a month during that period.  His stuff really needs to be up on the wall. I know he's a busy dude but it's awesome that he's taking the time to do print stuff now.  I've always loved his macro work and this piece really shines in print form.”

-Brian Jacobs


Freaky Tiki - Silver

“Hello Dave! I received the Tiki pendant about a week ago, and it’s totally awesome!! It’s exactly how it looks in the picture. Incredible detail all around. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again.

Can’t thank you enough!”
– Johnny Walsh


She may not look like much - Steel

“This is a pretty sweet little piece of art, it looks even better than I hoped.”

-Paul Salinas