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What Grows Up Must Come Down

What Grows Up Must Come Down


I’m not sure the best way to describe this book…’s 234 pages of full color illustrations and poems that took about 4 years of my life to complete. I was heavily inspired by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the ingeniously beautiful works of Shel Silverstein and Bill Watterson’s epic tales of Calvin and Hobbes.

WGUMCD is a book about discovery, drama, puzzles and most of all it’s about you, the reader. You are literally a character in the story, the characters will speak directly to you, about you and the world changes as you read further into it. Each page is an illustration paired with a poem.

When it all boils down to it, I wrote this book as a way for people to shut down the stresses and preasure of every day life and take a trip to a place that both makes sense and doesn’t, a place that’s a little bit frightening but you love it all more because of it. Also, a big part of my motivation was to write a book that parents could read with their kids and in a humorous but realistic way learn about life. There are poems about courage, being a good friend, not being afraid but also poems about the loss of a loved one, being afraid and even the dangers of substance abuse.(don’t worry there are poems about popsicles, silly hats and flying sky sharks and spider monkey pirates as well)

Honestly I’m not really sure how to pitch this book because I’m not even sure where it came from. I’ve never written a book before and no one was more surprised than me when I just sat down and started writing and drawing. One of them most amazing parts of this book, to me, was seeing the world inside it start to connect and come together on its own, one page at a time.

*At this point the book is completely written and illustrated but has a hefty amount of grammatical error(me no spells so grate) I am going to currently ship it with the errors and some time in the next year will re-apply it for printing in a grammatically correct form. If you would like it sans typos hold off on picking it up until I announce the corrected version. On the other side of the coin, if you would like an incredibly rare version of the book, grab one now, who knows, it could be an insanely desirable collectors edition one day.

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