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We’re just like Kevin Bacon!

We’re just like Kevin Bacon!

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I’ve gotten a ton of requests for a Guardians of the Galaxy themed piece(and why would I not? It’s a killer friggin movie.)  I spent some time pondering on what to base it on, the Ravagers logo had some potential but it just didn’t really do it for me.  I was racking my brain, coming up with nothing, listening to the soundtrack for the movie for inspiration when it hit me.  

Peter Quill’s tape/music plays such a huge part in the movie that it’s almost a character in itself.  I started working on a pendant based around the cassette that his mother gives him(almost gave up a couple times when the model tolerances started running to close to pull off some of the details, but stuck with it.)  I’m really happy with the finished result, the pendant can be worn on a cord or a chain or used as a key chain.  

It measures in at 1.8 inches high by 1.231 inches wide and is fairly weighty, the pendant is made of solid 3d printed stainless steel.

(once your order is placed it takes around 25-30 days to create the pendant)

The featured cards in the background are the Dystopia deck by Joker and the Thief To pick up a pack click here!

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