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5 Things A Day

5 Things A Day


My whole life I’ve always woken up in the morning and asked myself “Ok, focus up, what do you have to get done today?” Over the years it changed from “Ok what am I gonna get yelled at for not getting done?” and then to “Alright, what do other people need me to do?”

These days I try and stream line it down to a simple 5.

5 things that I have from now until when I pass out tonight to accomplish. They might be incredibly challenging or super simple. I have found that there are few things that feel more satisfying than calling it quits on the day and realizing that I checked off all 5.

This ring is a physical representation of that mentality. The five hatch-marks symbolize what stands in your way or what bridges over your hurdles to the goals you are reaching for in life. I left the last horizontal slashing hatch a slightly different color, because that is usually the hardest one. The task that you put off until last and the one that feels the best to finish. Fixing something that’s going to be a burden, talking to a friend about a hard topic or an especially burly leg day workout.

The “Rise and Grind” motto has always been a favorite of mine since I saw it painted on the wall of a tiny hole in the wall coffee shop in the middle of no where near Leavenworth Washington. I was freezing my butt off taking an advanced rate EMT course(28 days of 12 hour studying to cram 6 months of classes) and my mind and body were both hurting. Coffee has always been a big part of my life, I’ve tried to go clean a couple times but it’s not gonna happen(take that hatch of the list, ha ha) but that slogan really stuck with me and I often say it to myself when stumbling out of bed towards my morning cup of coffee. “Get up, now, focus up, do your best, sleep later” all phrased up in a clean line.

I don’t sleep with my jewelry or watch on so at night I usually recap how I did on my daily goals while I’m taking them off. That is where the “Job well done” across the inside of the band comes in. I like taking this ring off and laying it on the night stand and seeing that message to myself and saying “Thank you me!…see you tomorrow”

I chose solid brass for this ring because I really really like the way it patinas. The way brass discolors really shows off the nooks and crannies in the design but at the same time shines like the sun on the highlights and it’s always been my favorite metal because of this. One of the qualities of brass that is not as awesome is it turns skin green buuuuut I found a way around this. After I hand patina the metal I hit it with a coating of clear engine enamel. It keeps the metal aged but not overly dark and your skin from picking up any undesirable hues.

Currently the ring is available in a size 11(inner diameter 20.6mm). I have average sized guy hands and it fits my middle finger snugly. If there is enough interest I can do other sizes as well.

Due to the time needed for the 3d printing process and the patina/enamel work it will take around 30 days from placing your order until you receive it, but like they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for. 😉

As always, thank you all for your support and interest in my work. - Dave

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