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By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

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Every once in awhile when I'm reviewing pics from a session of shooting I clench my jaw and go "oooooh man....this could be something cool...don't screw this one up in the post edit..." This was one of those shots for me. It's a composite of three shots, top of the rose, mid and bottom of the blossom, blended together. Red has always been a problematic color for me to work with, I tend to lean towards bending them towards rusty faded oranges. I kept this one a hearty crimson and I think hit that up in your face red that no other flower but a rose really exudes. Hope y'all dig it and have a great weekend.

­čôĚNikon D850-Tokina 100mm f2.8

­čĺ╗post edit Lightroom

­čÄžlistening to while editing -Lauv

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